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Congratulations Quality Award Applicants!

Are You Concerned About Rehospitalizations?

Calculating Notice of Intent and Tolling Period of Malpractice Claims

Disasters – It CAN Happen To You!

DHS Announces Funding Opportunity For Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Preparedness Grants

CMS Issues Proposed Revision Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities' Arbitration Agreements

Exciting Collaboration

Bariatric Residents and Skin Care

One For Our Team!

HealthCap 2001 to 2016 and Beyond

Don't Be Alarmed!

Spring Has Sprung!

Delirium, Depression and Dementia – Distinguishing the Difference

Start Hiring and Retaining the Best Nursing Staff

Hospitalizations Drop Among Long-Term Care Residents

Preventing Visitor and Staff Falls at Your Senior Living Community

Infections May Be the Hidden Cause Behind Your Residents' Falls

The Hidden Culprit of Resident Falls: Multitasking

How to Manage Your Reports without Losing Your Mind

Two Must-Do Milestones to Becoming a 5-Star Facility

Your LTC Community Needs a Better Social Media Policy

The National Quality Award Program Is Accepting Submissions

Your LTC Staff and Residents Need Special Care During the Holidays

Discovering the Underlying Causes of Your Incidents

Reducing the Risk of Claims when Falls Occur

Could You Have an Active Shooter at Your Assisted Living Community?

Recognize the Signs of SAD Senior Residents During the Holidays

2 Simple Steps to More Effective Staffing by Acuity

Best Practices for Treating Alzheimer's Disease Non-Medically

4 Ways LTCs Can Improve Staff Retention

Get Ready for Massive Payment Model Changes from CMS

Fewer Falls, Fewer Lawsuits: 3 Steps to Get There

How to Talk to Your CFO About Cost-Effective Adverse Event Management

3 Things Your Nurses Need to Provide Better Senior Care

Your Adverse Events Are a Gold Mine of Opportunity

Real Life Incident Reporting: Quality Care in a Growing Community

The OIG Says Your Adverse Events Were Clearly Preventable

8 Reasons NOT to Use Excel to Manage Adverse Events

Better Ways to Care for Residents with Alzheimer's

How to Get the Most Out of Your EHR Incident Data

Why Incident Reports Are a Waste of Time

What You Need to Know About MDS Assessments and Section GG

Top 5 Things Families Look for When Shopping for an LTC

What Are the SNF Quality Reporting Program Measures?

The Hidden Role of Sleep Hygiene in Resident Falls

How to Spot and Prevent Sepsis at Your SNFs and ALFs

How to Be the Best Senior Living Provider

Need-to-Know Details on the Payroll-Based Journal

The Best Fall Prevention Plan for Senior Living Communities

Top 10 Questions About QA Reader

The Pitfalls of Using Spreadsheets to Track Incidents

Be Ready for Surveyors Before They Arrive at Your Door

Hidden Risks Your QAPI Committee Doesn't Know About

Top 4 Ways to Reduce Risk Across Communities

You Could Manage Risk Better By Staffing Smarter

Risk Management Is Your Path to Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Preventing Incidents with Smart Nursing Allocation

Manual Incident Reporting Doesn’t Work—Here's Why

5 Facts You Need to Know About the Future of LTC

See a 300% Jump in ROI on Adverse Event and Incident Tracking

6 Things Top LTPAC Management Teams Do to Manage Adverse Events

Prepare Now for an Active Shooter at Your Long-Term Care Community

Happy Communities Don't Get Sued

Past Non-Compliance Doesn't Have to Result in a Citation

Protecting Frail Patients from Fall-Related Injuries

Risks of Using Flu Vaccines and Statin in Senior Care

Industry Trends for Falls in Nursing Homes

Making Sense of the F323 Regulation

Senior Living Pro Tip: Reduce Claims By Owning Your Ship

Adverse Events – Facing Reality

Senior Living Pro Tip: You're Not Too Busy to Change

Senior Living Pro Tip #1: Everything Is a Draft

Why Your Residents Need Strong QA Data

3 Facility Warning Signs of a Fall Hazard to Your Residents

How to Get Better Star Ratings in Senior Living

The 3 QA Reports You Should Be Using

"Helping Hands" Grant Provides Music and Relaxation to Dementia Patients

Don't Take Risks with Your Incident Reporting

3 Gaps in the QA Process Your EHR Won’t Solve

Why You Need to Reduce Falls at Your SNFs and ALFs

4 Things Your EHR Can't Do for QA Reporting

5 Ways to Improve Residents’ Quality of Life at Your Facility

We’ve Found a Better Way to Reduce Adverse Events and Claims

What Can Be Done about LTC Health IT?

Preparing for the New QAPI and Adverse Event Requirements

How to Fax Personal Health Information and Stay HIPAA Compliant

Should LTPACs Stop Collecting Information on Paper?

Reporting Incidents to Your Insurance Carrier with QA Reader

Why Long Term Care Software Should Embrace Interoperability

Preventing Bedsores - American College of Physicians

Nursing Education and Quality of Care

EHR Usage is Correlated with Lower Professional Liability Claims

HUD-232 Risk Management Guidelines

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